Foton minibus taxi

The Foton minibus taxi is the taxi of the future. The Foton is known for its reliability, durability and fuel economy. The 16-seater Foton is perfectly suited for any minibus operator.

Jinbei H2 minibus taxi

The Jinbei H2 minibus taxi is built strong for business. Based on tried-and-tested technology, the H2 will take you and your passengers to work and home safely and comfortably.

Joylong minibus taxi

The Joylong minibus taxi is our luxury model vehicle. Newly imported into South Africa, this vehicle has an international track record of reliable service.

Jinbei H1 minibus taxi

The Jinbei H1 minibus taxi is known for its quality, safety, affordability and after-sales services. Like all our vehicles, this 2.2l vehicle is supported by a large reliable dealer network.